Results of the work of the National Support and Recovery Line for November 2022

Operators and specialists of the National Support and Recovery Line provide consultations, assistance and support to IDPs, residents of liberated territories, families of military personnel, citizens with limited mobility and persons affected by shelling. In the month of November, we processed more than 600 requests, including 56 cases that required the help of our partners […]

Report on courses in tactical medicine in November 2022

Tactical medicine is one of the key and most relevant projects of our charity fund. At the end of the course, turnstiles are issued to people who have listened and practically consolidated the acquired knowledge. In total, as of November 30, 2022, 20 trainings were held in the Mykolaiv region, which included 340 people, of […]

November 2022 FPV Drone Pilot Training Class Report

The “Heroes for Ukraine” foundation supports Ukraine’s victory over the occupiers, and conducts training and development of the existing training class of FPV drone pilots for 5 students. For the implementation of the project “training class for pilots of FPV drones of the Armed Forces” the following was purchased and equipped: – equipped classroom for […]