Strengthen the UAF with Backfire drones

We are raising money for the production of two systems, which will be sent to the front immediately and put into action by the Angry Birds’ skilled pilots.

Report of the humanitarian headquarters for February 2023

In February 2023, our team supported more than 200 people, including IDPs thanks to the Hero of Ukraine Fund and our partners. In particular, thanks to our partners, we provided IDPs from Kherson with warm blankets and snacks. Some posts about what we do:

FPV Drone Pilot Training Class Report January 2023

The “Hero of Ukraine” foundation promotes Ukraine’s victory over the occupiers, and conducts training and development of the existing training class of FPV drone pilots for 5 students. During January 2023, three groups were trained for 30 hours in each group. In total, 90 hours of pilot training were conducted. Donations were used to purchase: […]