Rebuilding Southern Ukraine

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Many cities in Ukraine have been destroyed by russia’s relentless airstrikes and shelling. Over six million people are now Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The destruction and infrastructure damage inflicted upon southern Ukraine is of a scale unseen in Europe since World War II. Our charitable foundation has begun the critical work of rebuilding residential areas […]

National Helpline for Support and Recovery

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The National Helpline for Support and Recovery is a volunteer corps formed to support the families of Ukrainian Armed Forces members who have been taken prisoner of war, are missing or were killed, along with others who have suffered as a consequence of the war. Our trained operators provide immediate information, legal assistance, humanitarian and […]

Preventing a Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Ukraine


As a result of russia’s assault on Ukraine, a significant portion of the civilian population in its southern regions has been forced to leave their homes, while those who remain are existing on the edge of survival. In this situation, our foundation is committed to providing humanitarian aid to the civilian population, refugees, and military […]

Supporting Ukraine’s Counteroffensive with Technological Innovation

Finding innovative ways to use cutting-edge technology in battle is key to Ukraine overcoming an enemy with far more troops and resources. Heroes for Ukraine prioritizes supporting groups that use technology to help Ukraine fight smarter. Heroes for Ukraine is committed to funding the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Special Combat Systems Group Angry Birds. Veteran Illia […]

Tactical medicine courses

Hero of Ukraine organizes and conducts first aid and tactical medical training courses in the Mykolaiv region for Territorial Defense units, community volunteer brigades, local residents and military units. This is a long-term project, as there are approximately 922 settlements in the Mykolaiv region. While those invading our country do not care where their shells […]

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