Humanitarian direction: assistance to residents of Korabelny district

“Each of us is a Hero.” This is the slogan of our “Heroes Ukraine” charitable foundation, which has been helping residents of the Mykolaiv region to overcome difficulties since the first days of the war.
On the last day of summer, together with colleagues from the “DFTG T2” Charitable Foundation, they delivered humanitarian aid to the residents of Korabelny district of Mykolaiv.
As Evgenia Kim, head of the humanitarian direction of the “Heroes Ukraine” foundation, emphasizes, every day we are expanding our capabilities and attracting new partners to cooperation.
“This is not the first time we have worked with the “DFTG T2″ Charitable Fund. Despite the sounds of sirens and potential danger, the guys are ready to go to the hottest spots to help people who need support now more than ever,” said the representative of the fund.
According to Yevgenia, cooperation with other charitable organizations gives its positive results. She is sure that this is only the beginning, because the residents of our region need help and support more than ever. It is for this that “Heroes Ukraine” involves partners from different regions and even different countries.

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Ukraine’s victory in this war is the victory of democracy over totalitarianism. We all have one goal – to preserve the humanity and values of free people