A course in tactical medicine: how to help yourself and save the lives of others

Training civilians in tactical medicine and providing first aid is one of the priority areas of our foundation’s work.

The course of lectures is designed in such a way that after completing the training, civilians who are not specialists in the medical field will receive basic knowledge of tactical medicine, namely:

  • recognition of massive bleeding and its stopping with the help of a tourniquet;
  • other types of bleeding and methods of their regulation;
  • wound tamponade and splinting;
  • training of the basic steps in providing first aid: checking and unblocking the airways, checking breathing, maintaining human body temperature, etc.;
  • chest injury;
  • placing a person in a safe position;
  • first aid kit (what should be included in the first aid kit, where it should be located and how to use it).

As Oleksandr Blintsov, the head of the tactical medicine project of the “Heroes Ukraine” BF, notes, the training is conducted for residents of those communities of the Mykolaiv region that are not under occupation and are not a “gray zone”.

“The training course is designed in such a way that people without any basic medical knowledge can provide pre-medical assistance to themselves and other people in the event of an emergency,” Oleksandra Blintsova explains.

A unique feature of our project is not only the educational material, but also the tactical medicine trainer – Ronin. He is American and in his country, Ronin works as a police officer and a community firefighter. In the past, he was a soldier, he was repeatedly wounded. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Ronin came to the front as a volunteer to help our country defend itself and win victory. After another injury, he was unable to continue his service, but he chose an equally important direction for himself – training civilians in tactical medicine.

According to Ronin, his main goal is to save the lives of as many people as possible, because war kills and injures not only the military, but also the civilian population. That is why he is in Mykolaiv, that is why he teaches courses on tactical medicine for civilians and is looking forward to our joint Victory


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Ukraine’s victory in this war is the victory of democracy over totalitarianism. We all have one goal – to preserve the humanity and values of free people


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