Report on the support of the “Angry Birds” special systems combat application unit, October 2022.

In October, the “Angy Birds” special systems combat deployment unit received the following support from the “Heroes of Ukraine” BF:

  • fuel
  • procurement of components for the production of drones
  • support and purchase of additional equipment for the FPV piloting training class
  • wages to civilian personnel producing strike drones
  • rent of premises, production areas

At the moment, the team:

  • conducts final tests of the EW direction finder
  • launched serial production of impact FPV quadrocopters – kamikaze;
  • conducts final tests of three UAV prototypes (wing) on ​​electric traction (up to 100 km, 2,4,8 kg. payload);
  • opened a simulator class for FPV piloting, in which pilots of three units of the Armed Forces are currently being trained for free;
  • improves ammunition for various UAVs