Report on the support of the “Angry Birds” Strike UAV Squad, April 2023

In April 2023, the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Angry Birds” Strike Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Unit received the following support in the amount of UAH 338,888.11 from the “Heroes of Ukraine” BF

  • Compensation for fuel and lubricants for combat missions and flight organization – UAH 26,499.70
  • purchase of components for the production of UAVs (engines, propellers, batteries, radio technical components, etc.) – UAH 69,225.33
  • salaries of civilian personnel producing strike drones and UAVs – UAH 169,426.88
  • rent of premises, in particular production areas, communal services (educational and production laboratory) – UAH 14,185.60
  • expenses for business trips and relocation of personnel – UAH 20,244.95
  • other expenses – UAH 39,305.65

As of April 2023, the team:

  • conducts regular combat work to destroy enemy weapons depots and BC, control centers, places of concentration of equipment, personnel, etc. To destroy the enemy, UAVs exclusively of our own development are used, in particular, the “Bekfire K1” UAV (you can read more about this UAV here, there are photos, video materials. );
  • began serial production of the Bekfire UAV;
  • carries out serial production of Komar UAV
  • completes the procedure for issuing the Order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine on admission to operation of the developed UAVs;
  • conducts final tests of two new UAV prototypes (“aircraft type”) on electric traction (up to 100 km, 2.8 kg payload);
  • improves the training class for FPV piloting, in which pilots of many units of the Armed Forces are currently being trained for free;
  • produced more than 500 units of ammunition for various UAVs and drones.

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