Start of pre-medical training and tactical medicine courses

Our charitable foundation organizes and conducts pre-medical training and tactical medicine courses in the Mykolaiv region for units of the Territorial Defense Groups, Voluntary Formations of Territorial Communities, civilian people and military units.

The project is established for long-term existence, as there are approximately 922 settlements in the Mykolaiv region. The problem is that the invaders of our country do not care where their rockets and missiles hit. The civilian population and territorial defense fighters do not always know what to do in case of injury. Of course, we all know about tourniquets from school, but now tourniquets are used, and they are disposable. No one has the ability to practice applying of a tourniquet to someone, or even to themselves. Also, we all know the basics of medicine and how to provide first aid in theory, but we suggest practicing all the techniques taught in the course in practice. Even packing of wounds takes place on a piece of fresh meat to create more or less real conditions.

Lectures on tactical medicine usually take 9 hours and are divided into three stages of 3 hours each. During the entire training, the following topics are worked out:

  • recognition of massive bleeding and its stopping with the help of a tourniquet;
  • other types of bleeding and methods of their regulation;
  • wound packing and splinting;
  • training of the basic steps in providing first aid: checking and unblocking the airways, checking breathing (how to recognize a breathing problem and methods of its regulation, how to count breathing and what to do in case of a problem), maintaining a person’s body temperature;
  • chest injury;
  • placing a person in a safe position;
  • first aid kit (what should be included in the first aid kit, where it should be located and how to use it).

Upon completion of the entire course of practical training, each participant receives a real tourniquet.

The training schedule is made individually for each community. It can be three days in a row for three hours with small breaks every hour, or every other day. Also, everything depends on the number of people. For example, in one community there are 80 people who expressed a desire to take a course in tactical medicine. We divide people into 4 groups of 20 people and work intensively with them throughout the week. From 10-00 to 13-00 group 1, from 15-00 to 18-00 group 2 – two groups are trained for 3 days, and then we work with groups 3 and 4 in the same mode.

Thus, in 1 week we can reach 80 people from one community, or several smaller communities (depending on the number of people).

Anyone can take tactical medicine courses. Usually we are in contact with village heads or with specialists of district military administrations and they are happy to help us in gathering people for our courses. First of all, preference is given to local volunteer formations, and then to civilian ones. But we in no way devalue the importance of training the civilian population.


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