Supporting Ukraine’s Counteroffensive with Technological Innovation

Finding innovative ways to use cutting-edge technology in battle is key to Ukraine overcoming an enemy with far more troops and resources. Heroes for Ukraine prioritizes supporting groups that use technology to help Ukraine fight smarter.

Heroes for Ukraine is committed to funding the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Special Combat Systems Group Angry Birds. Veteran Illia Shpolianskyi, who fought in Donbas in 2014–2015, heads the Angry Birds group, along with being director of Heroes for Ukraine.

The group’s mission is improving the effectiveness of the UAF’s fight to defend Ukraine through the use of technology.

What do the Angry Birds do?
–Seek out innovative solutions to Ukraine’s military objectives and put them into action in Ukraine’s defensive operations;
–Research existing technologies and develop varied special combat systems;
–Test new technological instruments and specialized systems in the lab, on the proving grounds and in battle.

The group’s work is also aimed at raising the general skill level of UAF specialists trained to use technology in combat missions.

A current priority is the serial production of FPV kamikaze drones and their implementation in battle (you can help here). Other areas where work is ongoing include: counteracting the enemy’s electronic warfare; developing UAVs (both fixed-wing and copters) for surveillance and strikes. The group’s efforts are aiding the UAF’s advances in the Kherson region.

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