Tactical medicine courses

Hero of Ukraine organizes and conducts first aid and tactical medical training courses in the Mykolaiv region for Territorial Defense units, community volunteer brigades, local residents and military units.

This is a long-term project, as there are approximately 922 settlements in the Mykolaiv region. While those invading our country do not care where their shells and missiles land, civilians and members of the territorial defense do not always know what to do in case of injury. How many of them have practiced applying a tourniquet on themselves or another person?

This course offers more than theoretical basics of medicine and first aid: students practice every technique we teach until they are comfortable performing them alone. For example, they learn to pack wounds by practicing with a chunk of raw meet to imitate real-life conditions.

Our tactical medicine courses usually last 9 hours and are divided into three 3-hour segments. The training course covers the following topics:

  • how to recognize massive bleeding and stop it with a tourniquet;
  • other types of bleeding and ways to control them;
  • packing a wound and applying a splint;
  •  the basic steps in providing first aid: check and unblock the airways, check breathing (how to recognize trouble breathing and ways to resolve it, how to measure respiratory rate and what to do in case of a problem), maintain the person’s body temperature;
  • chest injuries;
  • placing a person in a safe position;
  • first aid kit (what should be in it, where to keep it, and how to use it).

Upon completion of the entire practical training course, each participant receives a medical-grade tourniquet.

Do you want to take the course? Register using the link: https://forms.gle/nffwPFxUKW6vmErz7

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