Volunteers of the humanitarian headquarters once again distributed aid

Each person is unique and inimitable. We all have our own life stories, experiences and problems. The main task of volunteers of the humanitarian headquarters is to feel the needs of each person, to provide support and confidence that they are not alone in this world.
Yevgenia Kim, head of the humanitarian department of the “Heroes Ukraine” fund, told media representatives about this in a comment.
According to her, the story of each person, all the faces of people asking for help, leave their mark in the memory of our volunteers.
“It is very important to learn to listen to people, understand what their problem is and do everything possible to help solve the problem. The charity fund is not a state institution. Its task is to empathize and support every individual who asks for help,” Evgenia Kim is confident. .
Recently, the volunteers of our humanitarian headquarters once again distributed aid to the residents of Korabelny district.
The main thing in our work is not the delivery of food, but care and attention to people who lose confidence in the future. It was very pleasant to observe changes in the behavior of a woman who had been hiding in the basement for a long time and practically did not communicate with the people around her. Today she is returning to an active and fulfilling life.
We are all different, but each of us needs help and support at some point.
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